What makes us great?

Our commitment is unwavering when it comes to providing unparalleled services for our patients. With a collective experience of nearly two decades, our trusted consultants bring expertise that sets us apart.

Recognizing the pressing need for ADHD assessments and acknowledging the significant backlog in the NHS, we’ve taken the initiative to offer outstanding services in this domain. Our consultants are exceptional, and we are proud to provide gold standard, multi-disciplinary assessments.

What sets us apart is not only our professional approach but also our transparency, friendliness, and helpfulness throughout your journey with us. From the initial consultation to the final steps of the process, we are dedicated to ensuring your experience is seamless and positive.

At our clinic, we understand the transformative power of accurate assessments and are here to guide you every step of the way. Let us be your partner in change, as we strive to make a positive impact on your life. Choose us for excellence, professionalism, and a personalised approach to your well-being.

Why multi-disciplinary assessments?

Choosing to undergo an ADHD assessment by both a psychologist and a psychiatrist offers a comprehensive and nuanced perspective.

Neurodevelopmental difficulties are largely cognitive constructs diagnosed based on (mainly) observable behavioural symptoms. In simple terms – neurodevelopmental difficulties are problems with how our brain develops and we figure this out mainly by looking at how people behave in certain situations.  A Psychologist can carry out various psychometrics and can also complete cognitive assessments to look at impairments associated with ADHD. Their extensive training in behavioural and cognitive theory allows for a more in-depth evaluation, ensuring a holistic understanding of an individual’s challenges.

A psychiatrist, with their medical training, brings a unique viewpoint to the assessment, examining aspects from a clinical and physiological standpoint.  A psychiatrist is medically trained and will undertake a structured medical assessment of your mental health and psychiatric history. This means that the doctor will look at other health conditions, especially mental health conditions, which may either exist alongside possible ADHD or exist instead of ADHD.  For example, if people have depression and/or anxiety that is not responding to standard treatments, sometimes this is because ADHD is present and needs to be treated first to enable other conditions to be treated subsequently.

The collaboration between a psychologist and a psychiatrist, (supplemented by input from a trusted, familiar person, and the completion of targeted questionnaires) is exceptionally thorough.  It offers patients a more detailed understanding of their presentation, diagnosis, behaviours and cognitions, enhancing the overall quality of care and paving the way for a tailored intervention plan.

This thorough approach facilitates personalised support for your journey; a psychologist making in depth and specific recommendations for work and/or education focusing on the social emotional and practical difficulties associated with ADHD; a psychiatrist recommending and prescribing medication based on an assessment of its potential benefits, diligently monitoring its effectiveness, and observing progress and improvements to ensure optimal outcomes.