What is a QbTest?

A QbTest is a cutting edge diagnostic screening tool used for the assessment of ADHD symptoms.

What does this actually mean?

Think of the QbTest as a high tech tool which provides detailed  information to help with the assessment of ADHD.

The test (which won’t feel like a test as there are neither right or wrong answers, nor a score) uses the latest technology to measure concentration, movement and impulsivity; behaviours which can be challenging for people with ADHD.

The test takes 15-20 minutes and a report is generated instantly afterwards

What happens in a QbTest?

What does a QbTest Report look like?

Here are two QbTest reports from the same person.  The first test was taken during initial assessment and the second after a course of medication.  You can see how it records the major differences in symptoms.  Not everyone takes, or needs to take, multiple tests but this example is purely to show  how test results are presented, and how they can vary depending on the severity of symptoms. 

Why would I need a QbTest as part of my initial assessment?

You would need a QbTest if the results of your screening questionnaires are ‘borderline’, or where a ‘familiar person’ who would normally provide essential collateral information is not available to speak to your assigned consultant.

Background information is essential as part of the diagnostic process so where that is not available, the QbTest would provide your specialists with a scientific indication of the severity of any symptoms.  If you are found to have ADHD and choose to proceed with medication, the test results will help your consultant to decide on a starting dose.

Why would I need a test while I am being prescribed medication?

Getting an ADHD assessment is one part of the journey.  If diagnosed, and you choose to proceed with medication, finding the right dosage can be a lengthy and subjective process, often taking 15 weeks or more.  This trial and error approach involves gradually increasing medication until the desired results are seen.

However, the QbTest offers a faster and more accurate alternative.  By providing quick feedback on medication effectiveness, it saves time, lowers the risk of overmedication, and provides peace of mind.  With the results of the QbTest you can observe the effects of medication first hand and better understand the tangible benefits of managing your ADHD.  This means that the QbTest can speed up the process by typically reducing titration by 3-4 weeks.  Titration being the process of slowly increasing the dose of a medicine by very small amounts over days, weeks, or even months, to find the right dose that is effective for you.

Can I have multiple QbTests?

Yes you can.  However, our specialists will only recommend tests when they think it is either necessary, or beneficial to you and your ADHD journey, for instance, where it would save you time during the medication titration process described above.

Can I trust the QbTest results?

The QbTest is used worldwide . It is FDA cleared for the use in ADHD assessment and treatment monitoring for ages 6-60, used together with other clinical measures. Although no single measure is definitive – a combination of a QbTest, assessment and thorough information gathering will enable a fully  informed decision about any possible diagnosis.

QbTest has a strong evidence base and was recently appraised by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) which provides a helpful summary of its clinical evidence. Read more here: https://www.nice.org.uk/advice/mib318